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Jordan is not the first celebrity that opens a business in Vegas, in the recent years the popularity of gambling has raised constantly, the gambling industry owes it mainly to the advanced technologies that exposed the casinos to the public through the internet, online casinos became a big success and many big companies started to gain interest in the market.

Themed casinos are also successful, there are casinos all over and if you want to make money you have to open a casino with a unique style, some of the casinos offers hotels built as famous countries like England and Italy, others offers casinos that based on famous cartoons character or famous people like in Jordan case.

As customer and people who likes gambling in blackjack and casinos we just can enjoy this competition that will bring us new exciting casinos in the following years and expose us all to the gambling in many new ways we never imagined before. No matter if you prefer to gamble online or at land based casino, the following years seems to be good for you.

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