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Betting on Pick Four in Florida

Pick Four is one of Florida's popular lotteries. There are two draws each day for this game. The jackpot can also get high as much as five thousand dollars. Players can choose for the straight game or the combo alternative for higher payouts. To increase your opportunities to win you can play the straight, pair or box play. Pick Four allows people to choose their own strategy and you can join two times each day. The draws happen during noon and in the evening.

You can buy a ticket for Pick Four that just costs fifty cents. Others choose to buy tickets worth one dollar. Players just need to pick the pattern they want by choosing four numbers. The numbers can only be from zero up to nine. Other players do not like choosing their numbers so they pick the quick pick alternative. The quick pick selection lets the machine select the numbers for the players. The numbers are selected in a random way. Players can also choose the draw they want to join. There are two draws so players can indicate if they want to join in the evening or the one during noon time.

Players who get to match the entire numbers will win the jackpot. The prize is usually five thousand dollars. The payout will also depend on the kind of play the player bought and the amount of his ticket. Players who have matched two of the drawn numbers will still get fifty dollars.

Pick Four draws are done twice everyday. It happens for the whole week. This game follows the draw for the Cash three game. Players can still join ten minutes before the draw. All the cash prizes must be redeemed before reaching one hundred eighty one days from the day the player won. The prizes that do not exceed six hundred dollars can be redeemed at any authorized seller.

All the official lotteries by Florida support the education fund of the state. Players not only get to enjoy the game and have a good time but they also helped a noble cause. There have been many times in the past that the lottery revenues in Florida alone have reached billions in US dollars. In Florida lottery has become a good way for more students to get access to better education. People can buy the tickets via the official website. There are many retailers all over Florida as well.