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Michael Jordan, the biggest and most famous basketball player ever is going to invest in Las Vegas. The star will invest with a real estate company from Chicago, they city he played in most of his career, 600 million dollars in a luxury hotel with a casino, spa and restaurants.

The project will include 825 rooms and will be located east of Las Vegas most luxurious hotels like czar palace. Jordan hopes the hotel will be one of the most successful hotels in Vegas; he plans to use his name and products in the different restaurants and also in the casino. He hopes that it will attract many new gamblers and people who do not gamble usually but loves Jordan and will come to any place that carries his name.

The famous basketball player said he always had a big attraction to Vegas and that he used to go to casino all the time at vacations, he likes playing poker, blackjack and other card games but also simple casino games like slot machines.

"The adrenalin is almost the same, when I go to gamble at a casino or playing basketball I can feel the tension in every second and really enjoying it and now I just want to combine those two things to one exciting place", said Jordan.

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